Town Of Newport
Current Zoning

Current Zoning

This page contains links to the current Zoning which was adopted on January 26, 2017, Current Zoning Map, and Applications for a Zoning Permit. This page also links to proposed zoning changes to be adopted.

Zoning Ordinance (DOC - 575.0 KB)
All permits must be applied for and the application approved before work is started.  
No work shall be started on the assumption that the permit will be approved.  
All work must be approved in steps as should be discussed with the Codes Officer.  When all work is completed, the Codes Officer should be informed so that a final inspection can be made and a Letter of Compliance given to the owner of the property.  
Included in this application package is a list of items which must be inspected.  Consult with the Codes Officer for further information.  A schedule of inspections should be discussed with the Codes Officer prior to the beginning of work for which the permit has been granted.  
No work, such as plumbing, electrical, insulation but not limited to these, should be covered or concealed before they are inspected.  Doing so shall result in the removal of such coverings for inspection.  
When your project is completed you should inform the Codes Officer so that a Certificate of Compliance or Occupancy can be issued.  This is an important document which shows that you have complied with all applicable Code Requirements.             
2016 building and zoning permit application town of newport.doc 2
Checklist (What to Include)  
Applicants must furnish two complete sets of plans showing proposed construction and two complete sets off specifications.  
Applicants must furnish a site plan showing area of proposed work with distances to wells, ponds, lakes, streams, dwellings and property lines.  
The Codes Enforcement Officer requires that all proposed house plans bear the original seal and signature of a NYS Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect as provided for in section 7307 and 7209 of the NYS Education Law if he deems necessary.  
Applicants must furnish 2 sets of plans for a new septic system. The plans need to include all distances to wells, ponds, lakes, streams, dwellings and property lines from septic tank, distribution box and absorption field. These plans must bear the original seal and signature of a NYS Licensed Professional Engineer.  
Please contact the Codes Enforcement Officer with any questions regarding building permits.
Zoning Map (PDF - 3.2 MB)
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