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About Newport:
The Town of Newport is located 13 miles north of Herkimer and 95 milesnorthwest of Albany, bounded to the north by the Towns of Russia, to the eastby Fairfield and Norway, to the South by Herkimer and Schuyler, and to the westby Oneida County.  The Township was settled in 1791 by Christopher Hawkinsof Rhode Island on land purchased in July, 1786 by Daniel Campbell of New YorkCity and William, Ephraim and Benjamin Bowen in 1788 and 1789.  It w asformed on April 7, 1806 from parts of Herkimer, Fairfield, Norwayand Schuyler.  At the first Town meeting, held on March 3, 1807,Christopher Hawkins was elected Supervisor. Click HERE for moreinteresting information about our Town!

Town Supervisor - Mike McEvoy
Town Clerk - Terry Fellows
Codes / Zoning Enforcement Officer - Clifton Bennett
Superintendant of Highways - Jason Coffin

March 07, 2018

The Town of Newport is looking for 2 applicants to fill current vacancies on our boards as follows:


Board of Assessment & Review (Grievance Board) needs one Board Member.  Must have one session of certified training provided by the County in March.  The board meets once a year in May to review complaints in regards to property assessments.


Zoning Board of Appeals needs one Alternate Board Member.  Must take a NYS required four hour training bi-annually.


Requirements for both applicants:  18 years of age, Town of Newport Resident, and US Citizen.  Please submit letter of interest on or before March 12, 2018 to:  Town of Newport C/O Newport Town Clerk, PO Box 519, Newport, NY 13416 

Legal Notice Annual Election of the Poland Joint Fire District
November 24, 2017




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual Election of the Poland Joint Fire District will take place on Tuesday December 12, 2017 between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. at the Poland Fire Station 216 Main Street State Route 8 Cold Brook, NY 13324 for the purposes of:     1) voting on Proposition Number 1 to establish a Capital Reserve Fund for Capital Improvements;  2) voting on Proposition Number 2 to establish a Capital Reserve Fund for Equipment Repair and Replacement; 3) voting on Proposition Number 3 to establish a Capital Reserve Fund for Apparatus Repair and Replacement; and 4) voting on Proposition Number 4 to establish a Repair Reserve Fund.

            There is no election of candidates for office at this election.

Only those persons who are residents of the Poland Joint Fire District on or before November 13, 2017 and who are registered to vote with their respective County Board of Elections office on or before November 20, 2017 shall be eligible to vote.


October 25, 2017                                 



                                                            216 Main St.

                                                            COLD BROOK, NY 13324

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